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Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Operator Annual Report Form: NPRM

This notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) would require hazardous liquid pipeline operators to submit an annual report (proposed form RSPA F7000-1.1).  The report form asks for information that the Research and Special Programs Administration’s (RSPA) Office of Pipeline Safety (OPS) does not currently collect, such as: breakout tank location and capacity; hazardous liquid pipeline mileage by State, diameter and decade installed.  The report will be due March 15 of each year for the previous calendar year, aligning with the annual reporting schedule for natural gas pipeline operators.  RSPA/OPS will use information from the report to more effectively compile national statistics on system inventory; analyze accidents; identify safety problems and potential solutions; and target inspections.  The proposed form asks for information similar to information RSPA/OPS currently collects for natural gas pipelines.  The proposed information collection is part of RSPA’s/OPS’s overall strategy for improving the quality of pipeline statistics and addresses a longstanding data gap in hazardous liquid pipeline inventory information.

Comments on this NPRM must be received on or before September 24, 2002.  You may submit written comments to the docket electronically at the following Web address: (docket number RSPA-01-9832).

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Roger Little by phone at (202)366-4569, by e-mail at, or by mail at the Office of Pipeline Safety, Room 7128, 400 7th St. SW., Washington, DC, 20590, regarding the subject matter of this notice or to access comments in the docket.

The proposed rule, with the proposed information collection form, can be downloaded from RCP’s website.