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Gathering Line Definitions

OPS is currently working to modify the definition of gathering lines, which could have impacts for operators of gas and liquid gathering pipelines. A recent presentation concerning gas gathering pipelines and potential regulations can be found at:

OPS is considering using a modified class location procedure to determine if a gathering line should be regulated. The length of the class location “rectangle” would be 1000 feet, and the width depends on the % of specified minimum yield strength that the pipeline operates at. If the pipe operates at <20% SMYS, the width of the rectangle would be 100 yards on either side of the pipe. If the pipe operates at >20% SMYS, the width of the rectangle would be 220 yards on either side of pipe. In either case, only 5 or more dwelling units would be required within the rectangle to cause the pipeline segment to become regulated. OPS is also considering “regulation lite” for regulated gathering pipelines – maybe no integrity management, and / or less demanding requirements, and / or longer time to implement.

A recent presentation on liquid gathering can be found at:

For liquid gathering pipelines, OPS could extend oversight to:

  • All high stress pipelines regardless of location and diameter.
  • Change the diameter of gathering from 8” to 6”.
  • Regulate those gathering lines that could affect Unusually Sensitive Areas (USA’s) and Commercially Navigable Waterways (CNW’s)