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MMS Announces New Publication – MMS Ocean Science

The Minerals Management Service (MMS), an agency of the Department of the Interior, which has funded over 600 million dollars of research on the marine environments along the Gulf of Mexico, Alaska, Pacific and Atlantic outer continental shelves through its Environmental Studies Program, has launched MMS Ocean Science.

MMS Ocean Science is a bimonthly magazine which will report on research, which includes biological resources (fish, turtles, birds, whales), habitat resources (water quality, sediment quality), and socioeconomic resources (communities, archaeology, fiscal impacts).

The magazine will also feature articles about MMS funded studies of the different types of technology used by industry to extract offshore mineral resources to evaluate their safety and performance, and the numerous studies conducted to evaluate technologies used to prevent and clean up oil spills.

The first issue of MMS Ocean Science focuses on the MMS as an organization. Subsequent issues will cover information about the deepwater environment, the latest technology in use offshore, the rigs-to-reefs programs, shoreline studies, and oil spill prevention.

MMS Ocean Science is on the MMS website at Anyone interested in receiving MMS Ocean Science can be put on our mailing list or receive an electronic notification with a link to the website by registering at