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Integrity Management FAQ

Editor’s note: this and all other Frfequently Asked Questions about the Pipeline Integrity Management rule can be found at: 12.6 Will OPS review operator notifications and formally respond to the operator? Will OPS communicate responses to specific company notifications to the broader industry?

OPS expects to review all notifications received from operators. A centralized process involving input from the OPS Regions will be used to assure thorough review. OPS will coordinate review of notifications affecting intrastate pipelines subject to the rule with the States, as appropriate.

A summary of each notification (omitting any sensitive information) will be posted on this web site, along with the status of their review (pending, accepted, denied). this will the public to see where operators are deviating from the rule, and will also allow operators to see notifications from other operators. Operators who submit notifications will receive e-mail informing them any time the review status of their notification changes. OPS will respond any time it determines that the actions proposed in a notification are unacceptable, describing the basis for its conclusion.

Operators subject to specific State rules and regulations that require notification must also comply with those requirements.