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Misc. Liquid Rule Changes

The Office of Pipeline Safety (OPS) is changing several safety standards for hazardous liquid and carbon dioxide pipelines, effective October 14, 2003. The changes, which concern welder qualifications, backfilling, records, training, and signs, are based on recommendations by the National Association of Pipeline Safety Representatives (NAPSR). RSPA/OPS believes the changes will improve the clarity and effectiveness of the present standards. The changes to 49 CFR part 195 are summarized below:

Amend § 195.222 by redesignating the existing text as paragraph (a); and adding paragraph (b) to read as follows:

  (b) No welder may weld with a particular welding process unless, within the preceding 6 calendar months,
       the welder has-
      (1) Engaged in welding with that process; and
      (2) Had one weld tested and found acceptable under Section 6 of API 1104.

Revise § 195.252 to read as follows:

  § 195.252 Backfilling. When a ditch for a pipeline is backfilled, it must be backfilled in a manner that:
      (a) Provides firm support under the pipe; and
      (b) Prevents damage to the pipe and pipe coating from equipment or from the backfill material.

Amend § 195.310 by removing the word “and” at the end of paragraph (b)(8); removing the period at the end of paragraph (b)(9) and add “; and” in its place; and adding paragraph (b)(10) to read as follows:

  § 195.310 (b) (10) Temperature of the test medium or pipe during the test period.

Revise § 195.403(a)(5) to read as follows: “Learn the potential causes, types, sizes, and consequences of fire and the appropriate use of portable fire extinguishers and other on-site fire control equipment, involving, where feasible, a simulated pipeline emergency condition.”

Revise § 195.434 to read as follows: “Each operator must maintain signs visible to the public around each pumping station and breakout tank area. Each sign must contain the name of the operator and a telephone number (including area code) where the operator can be reached at all times.”