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New Texas Oil Spill CD Toolkit (2003)

Editor’s note: the following is excerpted from the MSRC newsletter.

The new Texas Coastal Oil Spill Planning and Response CD Toolkit (2003) will be available at Clean Gulf 2003 in New Orleans. The two biggest changes are to the Area Contingency Plans and to the CD Toolkit’s user interface. Thanks to the hard work of USCG District 8 and OOPS Inc., all ACPs are now in the new One Gulf Plan format and include 6 Geographic Response Plans (MSOs Corpus Christi, Houston/Galveston, Port Arthur, Lake Charles, New Orleans, and Mobile). The CD Toolkit’s user-interface now follows a more logical order. The major categories by which users access information are: ACPs, Maps, RRT VI, Software Applications, Additional Documents, and Internet Links. It is our hope that the reorganization will make navigating the Toolkit a more intuitive process.

Other changes from last year’s Toolkit include:

  1. Replaced the GLO equipment map with the latest version (2003),
  2. Added the new Incident Management Handbook (2001 edition) in English and Spanish,
  3. Added the MEXUS plan,
  4. Added the new “Texas Beach & Access Guide” to marinas and boat ramps,
  5. Replaced the old NOAA ICS forms (pdf) with the latest version (April 2003),
  6. Replaced the PREP Guidelines with the new version (August 2002),
  7. Replaced the Site Safety forms with new “ICS Compatible Site Safety and Health Plan”,
  8. Added 4 new SCAT forms and their respective explanation files, and
  9. Replaced the old NOAA ICS Forms Database with the latest version (April 2003).