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Electronic Contingency Plans

Ahead of our time…. Companies have recently asked us whether we can assist them with electronic contingency planning. Of course, the answer is yes. In fact, we developed software over 3 years ago that is perfectly suited for electronic contingency plans. We call it “Intellinav”. Using Intellinav, your contingency plan documents can reside on a secure server, and be accessed either over your intranet or the internet. Some of the benefits include:

  • The documents can stay in their original format, and don’t have to be converted to HTML. For example, Word documents can stay in Word. Adobe Acrobat documents can stay in Adobe Acrobat, etc. Updates and revisions are very easy, and can be done by your own staff.
  • One document can be automatically incorporated into many plans. For example, a company phone list can be incorporated into every response plan, without having to copy the document multiple times.
  • Any change to any document is automatically reflected within every plan that uses that document. For example, the company phone list can be modified once, and the new document will be automatically incorporated into every plan.
  • Every plan can be searched by key word, either individually or as a group. Any hits include a short abstract of each document, so it is easy to find the document that you are looking for.

Intellinav uses an interactive document index that lets you “drill down” to several levels of detail within a document. For example, it is very easy to select a specific plan, expand chapter 6 of the plan, then expand subchapter B, then browse to the applicable section. You only see the level of detail that you want, without having to scroll through lots of extraneous information.

We use this software on several of our own websites, and have used it on client projects as well. After all, we’ve done contingency plans for some of the largest facilities in the United States! If you would like a demonstration, please contact Dan Shelledy at