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TCEQ Adopts New Requirements for Petroleum Storage Tank Releases

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has adopted new requirements for investigating and reporting of releases from petroleum storage tanks. Releases from underground storage tanks or above-ground storage tanks where the release is reported on or after September 1, 2003, are subject to the Texas Risk Reduction Program (TRRP) rule (30 Texas Administrative Code [TAC] 350). The following is a list of guidance and other sources of information on the regulation of PST sites under TRRP.

New PST Release Determination Guidance

A new guidance on release determination is in the final stages of preparation. The working title is Investigating and Reporting Releases from Petroleum Storage Tanks (RG-411), and the final will be available in September 2003. A preview <> (rough draft) is available now. The purpose of the guidance is to explain the requirements of the TCEQ regarding the investigation and reporting of leaks, spills, and releases from underground and above-ground storage tanks. It will supercede all previously issued guidance related to release determination, and will discuss PST releases in light of the new TRRP requirements, which take effect September 1, 2003.

Comparison of 30 TAC 334 and 30 TAC 350

This guidance document compares the PST and TRRP rules (334 and 350, respectively) and can be downloaded here. It is also available on the TRRP guidance web page, along with the complete list of guidance currently available on application of the TRRP rule.

Determining Which Releases Are Subject to TRRP

A new procedure for determining when releases are subject to TRRP is now available. The procedure applies to all TCEQ Remediation Division program areas including the PST Program, Corrective Action Program, etc. This document will eventually be incorporated into Investigating and Reporting Releases from Petroleum Storage Tanks (RG-411), but is available now as a stand-alone document here. It is also available on the main TRRP web page, along with other information on the TRRP rule. Use of the new TRRP screening process involves (in part) completion of the Tier 1 Ecological Exclusion Checklist (TRRP Figure : 30 TAC §350.77(b)). The Eco Exclusion Checklist can be downloaded in WordPerfect (*.wpd), Acrobat (*.pdf), or Word (*.doc) format.

Application of TRRP to LPST Cases

Information from the TCEQ Remediation Division on Application of TRRP to LPST Cases, which describes some important information on the two programs. For additional information on TRRP, refer to the rule (30 TAC 350), information on the TRRP web page, and guidance documents on the TRRP Guidance and Forms TRRP guidance web page.