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NTSB Publishes Oil Pipeline SCADA Systems Study

The National Transportation Safety Board has published its study of SCADA systems in the liquid pipeline industry. This study includes the NTSB’s five recommendations to PHMSA concerning liquid pipeline SCADA systems (see our December, 2005 newsletter for additional information). The recommendations are:

  1. Require operators of hazardous liquid pipelines to follow the American Petroleum Institute’s Recommended Practice 1165* for the use of graphics on the SCADA screens. (P-05-1)
  2. Require pipeline companies to have a policy for the review/audit of alarms. (P-05-2)
  3. Require controller training to include simulator or non-computerized simulations for controller recognition of abnormal operating conditions, in particular, leak events. (P-05-3)
  4. Change the liquid accident reporting form (PHMSA F 7000-1) and require operators to provide data related to controller fatigue. (P-05-4)
  5. Require operators to install computer-based leak detection systems on all lines unless engineering analysis determines that such a system is not necessary. (P-05-5)

The full findings and recommendations are available at

*Note that API RP 1165 is still in DRAFT form, and has not yet been published. Thus, it is not currently available for purchase.