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Public Awareness Workshop: ** Attention **

All pre-workshop surveys for attendees are due by Monday, May 8th.We have added additional speakers to the roster.
Andrew Cober – Market Strategies
Tom Calabro – TFCC
Jack Garret – Dig Tess *New
John Funderburk – Paragidm
Hal Bentley – Celeritas *New
Susan Waller – RCP
This public awareness workshop is packed with good information and we look forward to seeing all of you there!

How to Measure Your Program’s Effectiveness

PHMSA has this to say about API RP 1162: “Of significance is the requirement that operators must review their [public awareness] programs for effectiveness and enhance the programs as necessary.”

How will you measure the effectiveness of your public awareness program?

Ask any three operators how to evaluate the public’s “understanding” of pipeline issues, and you’ll receive at least three different answers. Measuring understanding and developing benchmarks are challenges operators face in meeting the requirement to determine the effectiveness of their public awareness programs. Yet in order to comply with API RP 1162, every operator must implement some type of methodology to benchmark the program and begin measuring understanding.

Now you have the chance to cut through the confusion and the
buzzwords at an important one-day seminar that brings together
experts in the field of measurement effectiveness.

– Is your message understood?
– Does your message motivate stakeholders to respond in alignment with the information?

Because your company MUST answer these questions and more to be in compliance with the federal requirements, RCP will bring together experts in the field of measurement effectiveness for a seminar on May 9aimed at de-mystifying the process of meeting the evaluation requirement of API RP 1162.

What: Public Awareness Workshop — How to Measure Your Program’s Effectiveness
When: May 9, 2006
Where: Houston, Texas
Link: Registration

Why Attend:
This unique experience focuses on the current topics in the field of measuring effectiveness. Come to Houston and receive:
– Results-Oriented Solutions
– Practical Benchmarking Tools
– New Insights into Best Measurement Practices
– Return on Investment Industry-Relevant Methodologies

Who Should Attend:
Operators of transmission, gathering and local distribution companies, public awareness communicators, engineers, safety personnel, public relations staff, and anyone involved in public awareness compliance activities.

What You Will Learn:
– Learn multiple approaches to measuring effectiveness.
– Analyze the validity of measurement techniques.
– Separate fact from fiction.
– Unlock the secrets of measuring the “unmeasurable.”

Who Are the Speakers?
Market Strategies, Inc. (MSI) specializes in providing research and consulting services that address RP 1162. Andrew Cober will discuss:
– The science of measuring effectiveness
– How to address the research needs surrounding RP 1162
– Different research methodologies
Andrew brings hands-on experience in designing operator’s surveys that provide a benchmark for measurable results over time.

Paradigm is a leader in Community Awareness direct mail programs and in identifying the stakeholders along an operator’s right-of-way. Paradigm’s John Funderburk will:
– provide an overview of identifying stakeholder audiences
– explain resources for contacting those stakeholders
– list the challenges in reaching stakeholder audiences
– offer geo-coding techniques that allow operators to communicate with targeted audiences

Twenty First Century Communications (TFCC) specializes in conducting telephonic surveys that can assist operators in surveying stakeholders for the effectiveness of their public awareness material. Tom Calabro, Senior Vice President of Twenty First Century’s International Services will provide an overview of TFCC’s capabilities and solutions that can help operators determine their program’s effectiveness. TFCC also performs outbound telephone notifications that increase the effectiveness of direct mail programs.

Regulatory Compliance Partners (RCP) provides operators assistance as they plan and execute their public awareness programs ensuring that operators comply with RP 1162. Susan Waller, one of the original contributors to RP 1162, will provide a brief overview of RP 1162 and the implications of “continual program improvement.” She will also share operators’ leading practices and methods to continually improve public awareness programs.

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