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Office of Pipeline Safety OPA-90 Rule; correction

On February 23, 2005, the U.S. Department of Transportation, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, Office of Pipeline Safety (OPS) issued a final rule adopting as a final rule, the interim final rule which was issued on January 5, 1993. This final rule also made minor amendments to some of the regulations in Part 194 in response to public comments and the experience that OPS gained in implementing the interim final rule, leading spill response exercises, and responding to actual spills. The amendments were generally technical in nature and did not involve additional costs to pipeline operators or the public.

In issuing the final rule, a table was inadvertently misprinted. This table in §194.105(b)(3) specifies the potential spill volume reduction credits operators may use when they have secondary containment and other spill prevention measures on breakout tanks. These spill reduction credits are used when calculating the worst case discharge volume.  The correct table is given below:
(b) * * *
(4) Operators may claim prevention credits for breakout tank secondary containment and other specific spill prevention measures as follows:

Prevention measure Standard Credit (percent)
Secondary containment > 100% NFPA 30 50
Built/repaired to API standards API STD 620/650/653 10
Overfill protection standards API RP 2350 5
Testing/cathodic protection API STD 650/651/653 5
Tertiary containment/drainage/treatment NFPA 30 5
  Maximum allowable credit   75