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Pipeline Operator Public Awareness Program Final rule; correction

PHMSA has corrected the Final Rule published in the Federal Register on May 19, 2005 (70 FR 28833). That Final Rule amended requirements for pipeline operators in 49 CFR parts 192 and 195 to develop and implement public awareness programs and incorporated by reference the guidelines of the American Petroleum Institute (API) Recommended Practice (RP) 1162.

The final rule had an inadvertent language inconsistency between 192.616 (c), requiring operators to “follow the general program recommendations of API RP 1162”, while 195.440 (c) specified that the operator “must follow the general program recommendations, including baseline and supplemental requirements of API RP 1162”. PHMSA intended the amending language in parts 192 and 195 to be consistent. The language used in part 192 has been amended to match the language in part 195, which clarifies that the operator must follow both baseline and supplemental requirements of API RP 1162.

The document was assigned the amendment numbers 192-100 and 195-84, which were already assigned to different amendments. The correct amendment numbers are 192-99 and 195-83. These changes are effective June 20, 2005.