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OPS Issues New Liquid Pipeline Integrity Management Inspection Protocols

On February 8, 2005 RSPA/OPS issued new integrity management inspection protocols, dated December 31, 2004, replacing those dated January 21, 2003. The new protocols contain revisions reflecting the experience gained by the inspection teams using the January 21, 2003 protocols. The new protocols contain three new protocols questions, #’s 7.01, 8.05 and 8.06 that consolidate numerous similar questions found in the old protocols. Many of the protocol questions are the same as in the earlier version but many also contain revisions requiring more detail in specific processes and documentation of results. The new protocols are available on RSPA/OPS’s hazardous liquids integrity management website. RSPA/DOT also noted that the Consolidated Protocols are expected to by updated by the end of 2005.