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Texas Pipeline Regulations – Proposed Revisions

The Texas Railroad Commission proposes amendments to Title 16, Part 1 of the Texas Administrative Code, §8.1, relating to General Applicability and Standards, §8.201, relating to Pipeline Safety Program Fees, and §8.210, relating to Reports.

Section 8.1 concerns minimum safety standards and adopts by reference the United States Department of Transportation’s (USDOT) pipeline safety standards. The current rule adopts the federal pipeline safety standards as of April 9, 2004; the proposed amendment will show this date as September 14, 2004. This will incorporate into the Texas rules the recent federal amendments numbered 192-96, 192-97, 192-98, 195-82, 195-81 (with subsequent correction), 199-22, and amendment number 21 to 49 CFR Part 199, which was inadvertently omitted from a previous TRRC rule update.

The proposed amendments in §8.201(a) correct a typographical error; in subsection (b)(1) and (2) change the calendar year from 2003 to 2004 and the deadline by which the annual pipeline safety program fee is to be filed from March 15, 2004, to March 15, 2005; and in subsection (b)(3)(E) add wording that state agencies, as defined in Texas Utilities Code, §101.003, shall not be billed this fee. The fee remains at $0.37.

The proposed amendment in §8.210(a)(4)(A) corrects an internal citation.