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PHMSA Pipeline Safety 49 CFR Part 192.3 Correction

[Docket No. 2011-0023; Amdt. No. 192-132; RIN 2137-AF39]

Safety of Gas Transmission Pipelines: Repair Criteria, Integrity Management Improvements, Cathodic Protection, Management of Change, and Other Related Amendments

In the Rule Document published in the Federal Register Doc. C1-2022-17031, appearing on pages 52224-52279, in the issue of Wednesday, August 24, 2022, make the following correction to the regulatory text on page 52267, in the third column, paragraph “(2)(i)” is corrected to read as set forth below.

§ 192.3    Definitions. [Corrected]

(2)(i) If the length of the wrinkle bend cannot be reliably determined, then wrinkle bend means a bend in the pipe where (h/D)*100 exceeds 2 when S is less than 37,000 psi (255 MPa), where (h/D)*100 exceeds (47000— S )/10,000 +1 for psi [324— S )/69 +1 for MPa] when S is greater than 37,000 psi (255 MPa) but less than 47,000 psi (324 MPa), and where (h/D)*100 exceeds 1 when S is 47,000 psi (324 MPa) or more.