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PIPA Kickoff

The Pipeline Informed Planning Alliance (PIPA) held its public kickoff meetings in January. PIPA was formed as a result of an earlier Transportation Research Board recommendation that DOT develop “risk informed” guidance for property development in the vicinity of transmission pipelines. Representatives of local government planning departments, home builders, property developers, transmission pipeline operators, Local, State, and Federal officials, and others are involved in PIPA as either voting (representing a larger organization of stakeholders) or participating members. There is a PIPA Steering Committee, and three separate Task Teams. The Teams are:

  • Protecting Communities (addressing issues primarily outside the ROW),
  • Protecting Transmission Pipelines (addressing issues primarily inside the ROW), and
  • Communication (tasked with packaging and communicating PIPA’s results to all stakeholders).

PHMSA has developed a collaborative website for the task team members to share information, and they will communicate frequently during the year mostly by email and conference calls. There will be at least two more face-to-face plenary meetings in July and December 2008.