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Public Awareness Programs and Line Markers Workshop

[Docket ID PHMSA-RSPA-2003-15852]

PHMSA will host a workshop on February 20-21, 2008 to provide stakeholders with an update on public awareness programs for pipeline operators and to discuss the location of line markers.

On the first day, PHMSA will share the findings from its review of written public awareness programs. Between August 8, 2006, and October 15, 2007, pipeline operators submitted 1,568 public awareness programs to PHMSA for a centralized review. PHMSA will present summary statistics from the centralized review of the programs. The workshop will also include discussion of potential revisions to the first edition of the American Petroleum Institute (API) Recommended Practice (RP) 1162. The API typically publishes new editions of recommended practices every five years. The workshop will include discussion about potential revisions to API RP 1162 for the second edition. Pipeline operators will also share some lessons learned from their implementation of public awareness programs based on RP 1162.

On the second day, PHMSA will lead a discussion on the location of line markers. The workshop will include discussion about the appropriate interval between markers and conditions which make it impractical to use markers.

The workshop will be held at the Hotel Derek, 2525 West Loop South, Houston, TX 77027. Hotel reservations under the Department of Transportation room block can be made at (713) 297-4323. The meeting room will be posted at the hotel on the day of the workshop. Members of the public may attend this free workshop. To register for a workshop, select Public Awareness and Pipeline Marker Workshop from Hotel reservations must be made by contacting the hotel directly. The part of the workshop on public awareness programs will be web cast and available for viewing for two months after the workshop. The web cast will be accessible at For further information contact: Blaine Keener at (202) 366-0970, or by e-mail at