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Pipeline Training Reference Museum

Ever seen screwed pipe from 1915? A seamless pipe segment from 1917? A slice of 24″ pipe with a 4,620 psi test pressure? Ever wondered what a 3.5″ ANSI 1500# bolt really looks like? Need a good example of the effects of MIC corrosion? Slotting corrosion? Weld cracking? How about a 20″ pipeline that was crushed during a levee failure after Hurricane Katrina?

Thanks to Shell Pipeline (and their recent office relocation), we have all of that and more on display in our offices in downtown Houston. Please drop by, and we’ll be glad to show you around.

We have plenty of space left to display all of those interesting pipeline samples that YOUR company might no longer need or have room for. For more information on how to send pipe samples to RCP, please contact Jessica Foley.