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Pressure Test WebEx

September 15, 2015

RCP is a leading industry expert on pressure testing and will be hosting a WebEx presentation on TestOp™, our new comprehensive pressure testing tool. TestOp™ is a proprietary web-based application that provides operators with a platform to plan, design, certify and document their pressure tests. For use on gas and liquid lines, with tests using water, nitrogen, natural gas or air, TestOp™ takes the confusion out of pressure testing by providing real-time determination of whether the test segment is experiencing pipe yielding or air entrapment during the ramp up to spike pressure while also modeling the pressure/temperature relationship of the test to determine if a leak is occurring. TestOp™ can be configured to capture test data via digital dead-weight equipment, ensuring data integrity throughout the test. TestOp™ also calculates the MAOP established by the test, the reassessment interval based on federal code requirements, the test factor required based on pipe inputs, and more.

Mark your calendar and plan to attend on September 15 at 2 p.m. CST

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