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RCP Acquisition Support / Due Diligence

RCP’s experience in acquisition due diligence has proven that this investment is money well spent. Problems identified in the due diligence phase can provide the buyer with leverage at closing time. After the sale is closed, it is difficult to obtain any compensation for prior liabilities that went unidentified. RCP has conducted dozens of due diligence efforts ranging from large crude gathering and transmission pipeline systems to small gas gathering systems. RCP can identify issues important to the acquisition decision making process (i.e. significant compliance gaps, significant future regulatory liabilities/costs, other “deal-killers”). Highlights of a typical due diligence project could include:

  • Jurisdictional determination review of existing pipeline facilities
  • Review of permitting and associated agency notifications
  • Phase I environmental assessments
  • Fit-for-purpose analysis
  • MAOP / MOP analysis
  • Regulatory compliance program reviews
  • Data room reviews, including critical design, construction, testing, repair, and inspection records acquisition
  • API 653 inspection and repair reviews
  • Physical inspections of pipeline facilities, as appropriate.

For more information, contact Jessica Foley.