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Oklahoma Proposed Rule for Gas and Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Safety

[RM 201500003]

The Transportation Division of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission has recommended the Commission amend its Gas & Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Safety rules set forth in the Oklahoma Administrative Code (“OAC”) 165:20 to add a new Subchapter 17 to require operators of pipelines and pipeline systems to comply with the Oklahoma Underground Facilities Damage Prevention Act 63 O.S. 142.1 et seq. Also included in the prosed rules is the ability of the Commission to enforce violations of the Act. Lastly, the proposed regulations require excavators to immediately call the local 911 emergency telephone number to report any incident that results in a release of a flammable, toxic or corrosive gas or liquid from a pipeline or pipeline system.

For a copy of the proposed regulation, contact Jessica Foley.