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Revised SPCC Requirements and RCP SPCC Workshops

RCP has scheduled several 1-day workshops on the EPA’s revised Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures Plan regulations (published July 17th, 2002, effective August 16th, 2002). If your facility stores more than 55 gallons of oil in a single container, these revisions could affect you! Click here to view a list of locations and find out how to register.

The final rule:

  • Expands the scope of the rule to conform with the expanded jurisdiction in the amended Clean Water Act
  • Includes new subparts for various classes of oil
  • Revises to applicability of the regulation
  • Amends several requirements for completing SPCC Plans
  • Clarifies storage threshold quantity factors
  • Revises several definitions
  • Revised the discharge reporting thresholds and reporting requirements
  • Revised the review period frequency for SPCC Plans
  • Adds new integrity testing and new equipment design requirements
  • Revised employee training requirements.

RCP has prepared a document that highlights the changes from the previous version of the rule. There are 8 definitions from the original rule that were unchanged. Other than that, EVERY PARAGRAPH was changed in some way. If you would like to receive a copy of the document, please request one via email to