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Small Liquid Pipeline Integrity Management Deadlines

Just a reminder for those Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Operators with less than 500 miles of pipelines. The initial compliance deadline for identifying segments that could effect HCA’s is only about 6 weeks away (November 18, 2002). The deadline to have the final written plan in place is February 18, 2003. OPS has given a lot of scrutiny to the “segment identification process” in the large liquid pipeline audits. If you have not started on this work or even thought about it, the time to start is yesterday. You will need to combine your pipline location information and operating parameters with appropriate spill/leak analytical tools and experience to determine which, if any, HCA’s in the vicinity of your pipelines could be effected by a leak/spill from your pipeline. Of course, we’d be glad to do that for you if needed….