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RSPA Corrects Final Rule-Periodic Updates to Pipeline Safety Regulations

On June 14th, 2004, RSPA published a final rule entitled “Pipeline Safety: Periodic Updates to Pipeline Safety Regulations”. That final rule amended and updated various sections of the pipeline safety regulations and incorporated the most recent editions of the voluntary consensus standards publications are referenced in 49 CFR parts 192 and 195. After the final rule was published, RSPA received ten written comments identifying an apparent inconsistency in the definition of “Transmission line” in the final rule.

After review, RSPA determined that the June 14, 2002, final rule made an inadvertent error in the definition of “Transmission line” in §192.3, failed to properly amend Appendix B to part 192 due to an improper amendatory instruction, and inadvertently reversed a recent amendment to §195.222. It also contained several typographical and punctuation errors.

The new document corrects the final regulations by revising the relevant sections. For the full text of the corrections, the file can be downloaded here (Pipeline Safety Regulation Corrections) or contact Laura Wager at