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Texas Railroad Commission Notice to Pipeline Operators: Gathering Line Mileage Fee and Permit Clarification

On November 15, 2021, PHMSA published a final rule titled “Pipeline Safety: Safety of Gas Gathering Pipelines: Extension of Reporting Requirements, Regulation of Large, High-Pressure Lines, and Other Related Amendments.” The final rule makes changes to the federal pipeline safety regulations to improve the safety of onshore gas gathering pipelines. Operators of certain Type C and Type R gathering lines are required to meet compliance deadlines in the new rule of November 16, 2022 (49 CFR §192.8) and May 16, 2023 (49 CFR §192.9).

Due to these federal rule changes related to gas gathering under 49 CFR Part 192, the Texas Railroad Commission (TRRC) would like to provide clarification regarding how to classify these newly regulated gathering lines in accordance with 16 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) §3.70, relating to Pipeline Permits. At this time, all pipeline facilities defined as Type C and Type R gathering lines per 49 CFR §192.8(c) shall continue to pay the mileage fee associated with Group B pipelines in accordance with 16 TAC §3.70(i)(1)(B).

TRRC has updated “A Guide to Shapefile Submissions” to reflect that pipeline facilities defined as Type C and Type R gathering lines should continue to be coded as “N” for the “Texas Regulatory Pipeline Status” required field until further notice from TRRC.

Click here for TRRC’s Notice to Pipeline Operators. For questions regarding this notice, please contact TRRC’s Pipeline Safety Permitting Section at