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Texas RRC T-4 Pipeline Permit Fees Start in October

Operators of intrastate pipelines, which are pipelines that begin and end in Texas, are required to file a T-4 pipeline permit with the Commission and renew these permits every year. Beginning October 1, the Commission will charge a $500 permit processing fee for each new and renewed permit. The permit fee is one of two new fees authorized by the Texas Legislature to fund the TRRC’s pipeline safety regulatory program. Operators’ annual pipeline mileage fees were due to the Commission on August 31.

The permit renewal date for a pipeline operator who has an existing permit in the Commission’s online filing system will be the date shown in the online filing system on June 29, 2018, when pipeline mileage was calculated for operators. A permit renewal date will not be affected or changed by an operator requesting or receiving a permit amendment.

Operators are required to use the Commission’s Pipeline Online Permitting System (POPS) to file an application for a new permit, renew an existing permit, amend an existing permit, or cancel an existing permit and to pay any associated fees. This system will be available beginning October 1.

For more details on the requirement to file and renew a T-4 permit with the Commission, see Rule §3.70 Pipeline Permits Required. Questions about pipeline permit fees or pipeline permits may be directed to 512-463-7058 or

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