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Pressure Test Basics and TestOp® User’s Group Meeting

November 1, 2018

Registration is now open for RCP’s first Pressure Test Basics and TestOp® User’s Group Meeting at its facilities in downtown Houston. (This meeting is for Operators only.) During the morning session, attendees can expect to gain a basic understanding of how to plan, design, analyze, troubleshoot and document a pressure test. The afternoon session is open to all current and potential TestOp clients and provides an opportunity to meet other license-holders as well as learn more about the current and proposed features.

Morning: Pressure Test Basics
  • Pressure Test Acceptance Criteria
  • Analyzing the pressure test data & troubleshooting
  • Designing a Pressure Test
  • Pressure Test Myths and Misinformation
  • Case Studies
Afternoon: TestOp Users Group Meeting
  • Training for new and existing TestOp license-holders
  • Discussion of new features to be implemented in next update
  • Discussion of requests from TestOp license-holders for improvement
  • Opportunity to complete competency test (Part 2 training) for Energy Transfer users

You are invited to attend the morning and/or afternoon session. Each attendee of the morning session will receive a hard copy of the presentation. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

To register for this 1-day event, click here.