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Illinois Proposed Amendment to Accident Reporting

Ill Register, Vol. 42, Issue 38 [Docket No. 18-1447]

The proposed amendment for 83 Ill. Adm. Code 220, Reports of Accidents by Fixed Public Utilities Other Than Pipelines Transporting Liquids, would change Section 220.60, Instructions for Reporting, to increase the monetary threshold in subsection (a) for required reports of accidents not involving death or personal injury. The proposed amendment would raise the dollar amount from $1,000 in damages to the property of the utility to $20,000 in damages. This proposed change applies to intrastate gas utilities.

Submit comments within 45 days after the date of this issue (9/21/2018) of the Illinois Register, in Docket No. 18-1447 to: Elizabeth Rolando, Chief Clerk, Illinois Commerce Commission, 527 East Capitol Avenue, Springfield IL 62701.

For a red-lined copy of the proposed amendment, contact Jessica Foley.