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Underwater Inspection Procedures & Inspection Interval Risk Model Updates

2019 has been a busy hurricane season. For many operators with assets in the Gulf of Mexico and its inlets subject to 49 CFR 192.612 and 195.413 there have been only a couple of named storms near those assets. However, some operators did receive requests from the off shore regulators to evaluate the impact on their pipelines from some of the season’s early storms. Now with hurricane season ending, it is a good time to make plans to evaluate the potential risk changes for shallow water pipelines. RCP’s Underwater Inspection Interval Risk Model analyzes key operator information and the latest storm data tabulated by the National Hurricane Center, as well as National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration charts, and state game and fisheries department maps of navigational channels, shipping lanes, anchorage areas and commercial fishing locations to reassess previous risk rankings and inspection interval timelines. 

For more information on RCP’s Underwater Inspection Procedure or Inspection Interval Risk Model, contact Jessica Foley.