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Advisory Bulletin ADB-07-01: Updated Notification of the Susceptibility to Premature Brittle-Like Cracking of Older Plastic Pipe [Docket No. PHMSA-2004-19856]

PHMSA has issued an updated advisory bulletin to owners and operators of natural gas pipeline distribution systems concerning the susceptibility of older plastic pipe to premature brittle-like cracking. PHMSA previously issued three advisory bulletins on this subject: Two on March 11, 1999 and one on November 26, 2002. The current advisory bulletin expands on the information provided in the three prior bulletins by listing two additional pipe materials with poor performance histories relative to brittle-like cracking and by updating pipeline owners and operators on the ongoing voluntary efforts to collect and analyze data on plastic pipe performance. Owners and operators of natural gas pipeline distribution systems are encouraged to review the three previous advisory bulletins in their entirety. These advisory bulletins are available in the docket, and on PHMSA’s Web site at under Pipeline Safety Regulations.