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API RP 1169 Inspection of New Pipeline Construction 1st Edition

API published the first edition of API RP 1169 Recommended Practice for Basic Inspection Requirements – New Pipeline Construction. This recommended practice (RP) covers the basic requirements and their associated references needed to perform inspection activities safely and effectively during construction of new onshore pipelines. Use of this document will provide the basis for what construction inspectors need to have a basic knowledge of and where to find detailed information related to each facet of new pipeline construction inspection activities. The requirements are organized into the following major sections: inspector responsibilities, personnel and general pipeline safety, environmental and pollution control, general pipeline construction inspection. Users of this document include those individuals either engaged in pipeline construction inspection or seeking to become certified inspectors. Pipeline owner/operators and pipeline inspection service companies may also use this document to aid and enhance their inspector training programs. The RP was developed under the oversight of API’s Pipeline Operations & Technical Group. API RP 1169 is available here.