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B31Q Status

The new pipeline industry standard on operator qualification, ASME B31Q, has been approved and is awaiting the final procedural review from the ASME board (which should just be a formality). It should be published this summer. Once the standard is published, the Office of Pipeline Safety is expected to issue a modified Operator Qualification rule that incorporates B31Q. A new standing committee on B31Q will also be established within ASME. Persons interesting in serving on that committee should contact Gerry Eisenberg at

Kudos to Daron Moore with El Paso who chaired the ASME committee that developed this standard. Daron has served selflessly through endless committee meetings, conference calls, private lobbying efforts, etc. to create this standard. It has been a long, difficult, and occasionally adversarial process. The pipeline industry owes him thanks for a job well done.