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The Role of Pipelines and Pipeline Research

The Pipeline Research Council International has posted a new report on the role of energy pipelines and research, entitled: The Role of Energy Pipelines and Research in the United States: Sustaining the Viability and Productivity of a National Asset. Continued pipeline research will be needed to ensure the safety and efficiency of this vital national asset in future years. Authored by Cheryl Trench and Tom Miesner, the report:

“surveys the contributions of oil and gas pipelines in meeting the Nation’s energy needs, the critical role that research played in making those contributions possible up until now, and how research will be necessary in the future to meet the challenges facing pipelines.”

Even though industry funding for pipeline research has increased steadily each year, sharp reductions in DOT, DOE, and FERC funding have reduced the overall level of pipeline research funding to about one half of the level in 2003. This report provides an invaluable introduction to the issues surrounding pipeline research and funding needs.

You can download it here: