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Public Awareness Program Submittal

Pipeline operators will be required to submit their public awareness programs to PHMSA. Exactly how these programs are to be submitted, however, is still undetermined. According to PHMSA, they plan to use the following approach:

“PHMSA will publish an Advisory Bulletin in the Federal Register. PHMSA will prominently post the Advisory Bulletin on its web site and request that industry trade associations and State pipeline safety agencies help ensure all operators are aware of the Advisory Bulletin. PHMSA strongly encourages operators to use the existing Online Data Entry System to submit written programs.

For operators unfamiliar with ODES, the system currently allows operators to submit various reports required by pipeline safety regulations. In order to ensure the integrity of data submitted to ODES, each operator must have an Operator Identification Number (Op ID) and PIN. Using ODES will reduce the potential for human error and increase the efficiency of the submittal process. Operators can access ODES, request an Op ID, and request a PIN at: Operators will not be able to submit public awareness programs through ODES until the submittal date specified in the upcoming Advisory Bulletin. Instructions for operators who decide not to submit programs through ODES will be included in the Advisory Bulletin.”