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Conducting Activities in the Vicinity of Offshore Pipelines

On June 5, 2006, the Minerals Management Service issued Safety Alert No. 240 concerning activities in the vicinity of offshore pipelines. The text of the safety alert is given below:

Please be aware that some pipelines have shifted from their original as-built location as a result of 2005 hurricane activity in the Gulf of Mexico. Prior to conducting any bottom disturbing activities around pipelines, take precautions such as, but not limited to, contacting appropriate companies for accurate pipeline coordinates or use appropriate survey equipment to obtain exact pipeline locations. The Minerals Management Service (MMS) updates and maintains a database that contains pipeline “as-built” locations. These data points are accessed and used by industry, the public, and other government agencies. The intent of this information sharing is to minimize the possibility of pipelines interfering with other users of the OCS. The MMS recommends that lessees and right-of-way holders provide data immediately to MMS, Office of Field Operations, Pipeline Section, on pipeline as-built locations once any deviation from the original pipeline as-built route is discovered.

For more information, contact:
Elizabeth Komiskey with the MMS at (504) 736-2418.