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Critical Energy Infrastructure Information – Final Rule

[Docket No. RM06-23-000; Order No. 702]

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (Commission) has issued a final rule in 18 CFR Part 388 amending its regulations for gaining access to critical energy infrastructure information (CEII). The final rule reflects comments filed in response to the September 21, 2006 notice seeking public comment on proposed changes to the Commission’s CEII rules. The final rule:

  • modifies non-disclosure agreements;
  • modifies the Commission’s process to allow the CEII Coordinator to respond to CEII requests by letter;
  • provides landowners access to alignment sheets for the routes across or in the vicinity of their properties;
  • includes a fee provision;
  • limits the portions of forms and reports the Commission defines as containing CEII;
  • eliminates as a category of documents the Non-Internet Public designation;
  • provides that the Commission will seek a requester’s date and place of birth on a case-by-case basis rather than require that information with every request for CEII; and
  • eliminates the request for social security numbers.

The rule will become effective December 14, 2007. For further information contact: Jeffrey H. Kaplan, Office of the General Counsel, GC-13, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, 888 First Street, NE., Washington, DC 20426, 202-502-8788.