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Texas Pipeline Safety Regulations – Comments on Proposed Revisions

Public comments regarding the proposed revisions to 16 TAC Chapter 8 – Pipeline Safety Regulations, have been posted on the Texas Railroad Commission Website. The comment period ended on November 26, 2007. Please reference RCP’s newsletter article on the proposed revisions in the November 2007 edition of DOT Pipeline Compliance News. Some of the main issues commented on:

  • 8.1 General Applicability and Standards: Requesting clarification on the provisions requiring all operators of gas pipeline facilities to file T-4 forms for their pipeline systems. Redefine the statement of applicability to production lines.
  • 8.205 Written Procedure for Handling Natural Gas Leak Complaints: Suggestion that the review be conducted the next business day rather then the next calendar day; and, modification of the “supervisory review” terminology be changed to specially trained or experienced personnel.
  • 8.210 – Reports: Concerns regarding the inclusion of the telephone number of the operator’s on-site personnel. Clarification of the terminology “significant events” and “significant facts; and the use of “release” and “leak.” On the semi-annual reporting of repaired and unrepaired leaks, Form PS-95 could not be found.
  • 8.215 – Odorization of Gas: Clarification of the language concerning the supplier of the malodorant, and concern on the use of only “commercially available odorization equipment.”
  • 8.235 Natural Gas Pipelines Public Education & Liaison: Comments on the time frame of conduction education and liaison activities.
  • 8.5 Upstream Regulation: Define “first point of measurement of natural gas” and provide more information on the implementation effective date.

For a complete copy of TRRC’s proposed revisions, contact Jessica Roger.