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PIPA Meeting

On January 15-17, 2008, PHMSA will host the inaugural meeting of the Pipelines and Informed Planning Alliance (PIPA) to develop more detailed guidance for property development in the vicinity of transmission pipelines. A PIPA Plenary Session and initial Task Team Meetings are planned. The meetings will begin at 8:00 a.m. on January 15 and will end no later than noon on January 17. On January 15, all participants will meet in plenary to learn about land use planning, property development, and transmission pipelines. On January 16, the Task Teams will meet concurrently to refine their scope and develop a plan for completing their deliverables. On the morning of January 17, the Task Teams will report back to the plenary.

The PIPA Steering Committee envisions the Task Teams completing the deliverables by January 2009. In order to meet this aggressive timeline, the Task Teams will schedule web/teleconferences and use chat room style web sites to maintain progress on their deliverables. The Steering Committee envisions another face-to-face plenary in July 2008 to evaluate progress. During the ensuing six months, the Task Teams will continue with web/teleconferences as needed. A PIPA plenary meeting to validate the Task Team deliverables is planned for January 2009.

The 3 PIPA Task Teams are:

  • Protecting Communities
    – What should pipeline safety stakeholders do, or avoid doing, adjacent to the pipeline ROW to reduce the risk to communities?
  • Protecting Transmission Pipelines
    – What should pipeline safety stakeholders do, or avoid doing, on the ROW to reduce the risk to transmission pipelines while preserving environmental resources?
  • Risk Communication
    – How should the risks to transmission pipelines and communities be communicated to pipeline safety stakeholders?

Anyone planning to attend the meeting should register using the following link: