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DOT/OPS Issues Final Gas Pipeline Integrity Management Rule

As noted in our newsletter last month, DOT/OPS issued pipeline integrity management rule for gas transmission pipelines on December 12, 2003. The rule is contained in a new Subpart O of §192. DOT/OPS has established a new website at containing the rule’s text and other relevant gas integrity management topics.

Some key dates associated with the new rule:

Effective date of the Rule February 15, 2004
Complete written program December 17, 2004
Complete initial integrity assessments for 50% of covered segment mileage December 17, 2007
Complete initial integrity assessments for remaining covered segment mileage December 17, 2012
Reassessment of a covered segment utilizing a prior assessment as its Baseline Assessment December 17, 2009
Discovery of a condition Maximum 180 days after completing integrity assessment

One of the most important elements of the new rule is the identification of transmission pipeline segments located in HCA’s. Operators are required to identify HCA’s in the vicinity of its pipelines and determine the impact of its pipeline on those identified HCA’s. Key to identifying an HCA is determination of a potential impact circle based on pipe size, pressure and product transported. This is a completely different identification process to that used by Liquid Operators.

RCP has developed and / or assisted pipeline operators with 28 pipeline integrity management programs to-date. Our breadth of experience enables us to develop quality integrity management plans, on time and within budget. If you require assistance with any portion (or all) of your integrity management program, please contact our Vice President of Business Development, Mr. Dan Shelledy, at