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OPS Releases Final Rule Requiring Annual Reports for Hazardous Liquid Pipelines

The Office of Pipeline Safety (OPS) released in January the final rule requiring the hazardous liquid pipeline operators to submit an annual report (69 FR 537 January 6, 2004). “This action requires operators of pipeline systems subject to RSPA’s hazardous liquid pipeline safety regulations to prepare and file annual reports containing information about these systems. This data will provide the basis for more efficient and meaningful analyses of the safety status of hazardous liquid pipelines. RSPA’s Office of Pipeline Safety (RSPA/OPS) will use the information to compile a national pipeline inventory, identify and determine the scope of safety problems, and target inspections.”

The new rule is as follows:

§ 195.49 Annual report.
Beginning no later than June 15, 2005, each operator must annually complete and submit DOT form RSPA F 7000–1.1 for each type of hazardous liquid pipeline facility operated at the end of the previous year. A separate report is required for crude oil, HVL (including anhydrous ammonia), petroleum products, and carbon dioxide pipelines. Operators are encouraged, but not required, to file an annual report by June 15, 2004, for calendar year 2003.

49 CFR 195.49 will become effective February 5, 2004. The required reporting form can be downloaded from RCP’s website here through the DOT Gateway.