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Misc. Pipeline Regulation Updates in Florida

[Docket No. 160121-GU]

The Florida Public Service Commission has published miscellaneous revisions to its pipeline safety regulations, including:

  • Rule 25-6.0436, F.A.C., was updated to clarify the types of information to be in included quarterly work order lists and to require the information be sent directly to Commission staff via e-mail.
  • Rule 25-12.005, F.A.C. was amended to adopt the latest version of the federal standards that pertain to reporting requirements, safety standards, and drug and alcohol employee reporting standards and requirements for certain employees of gas pipeline operators and emergency response persons.
  • Rule 25-12.008, F.A.C., was amended to adopt the latest federal standards and to clarify the visual inspection, testing and active corrosion procedures.
  • Rule 25-12.022, F.A.C., was amended to clarify the valves used to close off system sections in an emergency and provide clarification on the procedure for valve identification.
  • Rule 25-12.027, F.A.C., was amended to correct a scrivener’s error in the current rule, to clarify the appropriate American Petroleum Institute standards for welder qualification, and to adopt the latest version of the federal standards.
  • Rule 25-12.040, F.A.C., was amended to provide clarification on leak detection surveys, inspections and monitoring.
  • Rule 25-12.085, F.A.C., was amended to incorporate the most recent versions of the appropriate federal forms and to delete a redundant section of the rule.