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MMS issues Notice to Lessees for Shallow Water Surveys

The Minerals Management Service (MMS) has issued a Notice to Lessees and Operators and Pipeline Right of Way Holders (2007-G01 effective February 15, 2007) which describes the surveys, reports, analyses, and mitigation that will ensure that the objectives of the shallow hazards program are met. The Shallow Hazards Assessments and Analyses include provisions for the following activities:

  • Exploration Plan and Development Operations Coordination Document
  • Application for Permit to Drill
  • Platform Site Investigation Report
  • Pipeline Application

The pipeline application must include a shallow hazards analysis that assesses the proposed route 150 meters (490 feet) on either side of the centerline to a depth of 23 meters (75 feet) below the seafloor for its entire length except for areas with acoustic void caused by biogenic gas. Depending upon whether or not a pre-installation survey has been completed, the following requirements may apply:

  1. Prepare a shallow hazards report
  2. Discussion of special safety measures
  3. Basis for analysis, including data and reports
  4. Assessment of the seafloor, subsurface, and manmade features
  5. Maps with pipeline route and interpreted hazards
  6. Conduct a site-specific survey using state-of-the-art equipment

For more information or to obtain a copy of NTL 2007-G01, contact Jessica Roger.