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PHMSA Issues Update of Regulatory References to Technical Standards

PHMSA is amending a final rule published in the Federal Register on June 9, 2006, which updated the pipeline safety regulations to incorporate by reference all or parts of new editions of voluntary consensus technical standards to enable pipeline operators to utilize current technology, materials, and practices. Several omissions and editorial corrections have been identified since this was published. This notice identifies these corrections and makes the final rule effective March 5, 2007. The corrections are summarizes below:

  1. Three editorial corrections are necessary in § 192.1. The spelling of the word “apply” is corrected in the introductory text of paragraph (b), the comma is replaced by a “;” at the end of paragraph (b)(2), and the comma is replaced by “; or” at the end of paragraph (b)(4)(iii).
  2. In Part 192, the restatement of the table of standards incorporated by reference inadvertently deleted API Recommended Practice 80 (API RP 80), “Guidelines for the Definition of Onshore Gas Gathering Lines” (1st edition, April 2000). PHMSA is restating the list of API standards at § 192.7(c)(2) to properly include API RP 80.
  3. Paragraph 192.227(a) incorrectly references “Appendix A.” PHMSA is correcting this to refer to “§ 192.7” and restating the entire paragraph for clarity.
  4. Paragraphs 192.727(g)(2) and 195.59(a) are updated to correctly reference the NPMS homepage at PHMSA is restating these entire paragraphs for clarity.
  5. Paragraphs 192.727(g)(1) and 195.59(b) are removed because the April 10, 2001, deadline to report pipeline facilities abandoned before October 10, 2000, has expired.
  6. Paragraphs 192.727(g)(1), 192.949, 192.951, and 195.59(a) are updated to reference the correct room number for the filing of reports, “Room 2103.” PHMSA restating these entire paragraphs for clarity.
  7. The current version of the gas pipeline safety regulations inadvertently omitted some text in the definition of High Consequence Area in paragraph § 192.903. This is corrected herein by adding back paragraphs (3) and (4) following paragraph (2)(ii) and updating the agency name.
  8. In § 192.949 paragraphs (1), (2), and (3) are corrected to read (a), (b), and (c) and the section heading is revised.
  9. In § 192.951 paragraphs (1), (2), and (3) are corrected to read (a), (b), and (c).

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