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National Pipeline Mapping System (NPMS) Breakout Tank Submissions

The Office of Pipeline Safety (OPS) is now accepting voluntary data submissions for “breakout” tanks under OPS jurisdiction, to the National Pipeline Mapping System (NPMS). OPS has developed two procedures for the submission of the data. They include an online form and a downloadable executable file that can be used to input the tank data. The operator can choose either option for the submission of their data. The applicable website is located at:

The “Tank Attribute Table” is similar to the NPMS tables used in the collection of pipeline and LNG data. Eventually, the NPMS standards will be updated to reflect the requirements for the submission of tank farm data. Operators who maintain one breakout tank will submit the geographical location and attributes for the single tank. If an operator maintains multiple tanks at a given location, the submission will include a geographical location representing the approximate center of the tank farm and attributes for each breakout tank operated at the facility. Data input into either the Internet form or the executable file will conform to the database field types and definitions that are outlined in the “Tank Attribute Table”. Operators will be required to provide answers to all questions in order for their submission to be complete.

All program related questions should be directed to Steve Fischer with the Office of Pipeline Safety at 202-366-6267 or Technical questions regarding the use of the online form or the executable file should be directed to Ron Buzzard at 703-317-6205 or