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NTSB has issued its Final Incident Report on the 2021 San Pedro Bay Crude Oil Pipeline Incident

In its final report, NTSB has recommended PHMSA to encourage operators to implement PSMS. The following recommendation was approved by the NTSB Board to the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration. 

“Issue an advisory bulletin to all Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration-regulated pipeline owners and operators, promoting the benefits of pipeline safety management systems and asking them to develop and implement such a system based on American Petroleum Institute Recommended Practice 1173. (P-24-2)” 

NTSB has indicated that it intends to follow up with additional correspondence that will (1) give kudos to operators who have voluntarily implemented PSMS, and (2) ask operators who have not implemented PSMS to do so.  

For a copy of the incident report, please contact Jessica Foley