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PHMSA Advisory Safe Operations of Underground Storage Facilities for Natural Gas

[DOCKET NO. PHMSA-2016-0016]

PHMSA issued Advisory Bulletin (ADB-2016-02) to remind all owners and operators of underground storage facilities used for the storage of natural gas, as defined in 49 CFR Part 192, to consider the overall integrity of the facilities to ensure the safety of the public and operating personnel and to protect the environment. Operators are reminded to review their operations to identify the potential of facility leaks and failures caused by corrosion, chemical damage, mechanical damage, or other material deficiencies in piping, tubing, casing, valves, and associated facilities and the importance of reviewing the location and operations of shut-off and isolation systems and reviewing and updating emergency plans as necessary.

This advisory also informs operators about recommended practices (API RP 1170, RP 1171, and IOGCC Standards) and urges operators to take all necessary actions, including but not limited to those set forth in ADB-2016-02, to prevent and mitigate breach of integrity, leaks, or failures at their underground storage facilities. In addition, PHMSA reminds operators that their operating and maintenance (O&M) processes and procedures should be reviewed and updated at least annually, unless operational inspections for integrity warrant shorter review periods.

For a copy of ADB-2016-02 with the full list of recommend practices and action items, contact Jessica Foley.