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PHMSA Incident & Annual Reports – Proposed Changes

[Docket No. PHMSA-2021-0054]

PHMSA is proposing several changes to the following annual and incident / accident reporting forms:

Hazardous Liquid and Carbon Dioxide Pipeline Systems

  • PHMSA F 7000–1 Accident Report
  • PHMSA F 7000–1.1 Annual Report

Gas Distribution Systems

  • PHMSA F 7100.1 Incident Report
  • PHMSA F 7100.1–1 Annual Report

Gas Transmission and Gathering Systems

  • PHMSA F 7100.2 Incident Report
  • PHMSA F 7100.2–1 Annual Report

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Facilities

  • PHMSA F 7100.3 Incident Report

Many of these changes align the PHMSA reports with the Common Ground Alliance DIRT report concerning excavation damage prevention.  These portions now mirror the CGA DIRT questionnaire more closely and are mandatory if any sub-cause for Excavation Damage is selected, not just third party.  Also, please remember that if answering the Excavation Damages section and also reporting to CGA DIRT, to select “No” in question 2 to avoid duplication of information submitted to CGA.

There is a new question about the local time of Confirmed Discovery.  Confirmed Discovery refers to items which “can be reasonably determined, based on information available to the operator at the time a reportable event has occurred, even if based solely on a preliminary evaluation.”

Comments on these proposals were due on or before May 10, 2022.

For a copy of PHMSA’s notice of proposed changes, all Really Cool People can contact Jessica Foley.