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Pipeline De-Watering Bulletin

OSHA and OPS have jointly developed an advisory bulletin to increase awareness of the hazards involved in pipeline de-watering and to encourage employers and workers to refocus their energies on ensuring proper procedures are followed during the process.   De-watering of pipelines is a process conducted following the construction of the pipelines.   The bulletin was designed to highlight potential hazards associated with the operations and to focus on work practices that will reduce the potential for unexpected separation of temporary de-watering pipes.   The bulletin provides detailed background information on the procedures involved in ensuring the integrity of installed pipelines and reemphasizes OPS regulations on pipeline safety.   A section of the bulletin is dedicated to descriptions of hazards focusing on insufficient anchoring, worn couplings, excessive air pressure, and lack of training.   A separate list of references and resources are also provided for more information.   The bulletin is available at: