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RCP Services Spotlight – Pipeline Direct Assessment Services

RCP can provide written direct assessment procedures to comply with DOT 195 and 192 Regulatory requirements for stress corrosion cracking, internal corrosion and external corrosion threats.   The procedures are custom written to meet the individual client needs, threats and operating philosophy in accordance to NACE RP 502, ASME B31.8S and other NACE recommended practices that are currently being developed.   The advantage of utilizing direct assessment is the ability to be performed without affecting the operations of the pipeline and does not require any modification to the pipeline.

  • Custom written integrity management plans – RCP has the tools and expertise to develop comprehensive Integrity Management Plans for both liquid and gas pipelines.
  • Pipeline Risk / Liability Assessments – RCP will evaluate the pipeline’s operating and maintenance history, its environment, and other factors to identify any unusual risks or liabilities. This can include, for example, problems identified during previous in-line inspections which have never been corrected.
  • HCA Identification Analysis – RCP can provide HCA identification analysis for both liquid and gas pipelines to identify pipeline segments that could affect highly populated areas, other populated areas, ecologically sensitive areas, drinking water and navigable waterways that are defined as high consequence areas by DOT 192 and 195.
  • ICDA/ECDA/SCCDA Plans – RCP can develop comprehensive written stress corrosion cracking, internal corrosion and external corrosion plans to perform direct assessments as an alternative to in-line inspections and pressure tests.
  • Risk Modeling – RCP can provide pipeline risk modeling to address the identified threats for each pipeline segment and the risk prioritization of those pipeline segments to create baseline and ongoing integrity assessment plans.
  • Baseline Assessment Plans – RCP can develop baseline assessment plan for those segments that fall under the High Consequence Area definition.
  • Pre-Assessment Evaluations – RCP can provide pre-assessment evaluations for direct assessment of pipelines.
  • Direct Assessment Inspections – RCP can manage and evaluate direct assessment inspections.

Please Click Here if you would like information on RCP’s Direct Assessment Services   You can also receive a copy of our FREE Integrity Management CD which includes a “Bookmarked” PDF file copy of the new Gas Integrity Management Rule and one of our recent conference presentations “ Preparing for a Pipeline Integrity Management Audit – Covering All the Bases”.