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RCP Services Spotlight — Hurricane Preparedness Planning

The Gulf Coast region was hit hard by hurricanes Katrina and Rita. However, the damage to the oil and gas infrastructure had far-reaching impacts beyond the Gulf Coast. Production, pipelines and refining facilities were shut down and many operators scrambled to find the necessary resources to quickly and efficiently bring their facilities back on line. Since these events have passed, many key lessons have been learned that will help minimize the impact of these types of events in the future. Nobody knows when or what the next natural disaster will bring, but 2005 served as a strong reminder that careful planning and preparedness up front will help minimize the effects of these events when they occur.

RCP is in the process of helping oil and gas companies update their hurricane preparedness and response plans. Taking key lessons learned across the industry as well as specific learnings from your experience, RCP can update your hurricane preparedness and response plan. A few examples of issues commonly being addressed in these updates include:

  1. Identification of operational goals and priorities following a hurricane event
  2. Assessment of available resources and assignments for both pre- and post-event activities
  3. Development of effective preparedness strategies for communications and key logistical needs
  4. Planning for the humanitarian assistance needs of employees, family, and local communities

If you are interested in how RCP can help you become better prepared for the next hurricane event, give Jessica Roger a call at (713) 655-8080.

Hurricane season is fast approaching, but there is still time to update and implement changes to your plan.